The world's most flexible MBA programme

This is your MBA. Not ours. That means you start when you like and finish when you like. You can study from home or on campus. At EBS, our courses are designed to fit round you.


Edinburgh Business School, the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University, has over 17,900 graduates from more than 160 countries around the world.

The EBS Alumni Club, established exclusively for graduates of EBS programmes, currently has over 20 alumni groups worldwide that drive activity, organise events and networking opportunities in their local regions. They are led by regional alumni ambassadors, who are graduates of our programmes and are keen to stay involved and make a significant contribution in advancing the image of EBS in the outside world.

Our 17,900 alumni play a crucial role in the school's ongoing success and, like any community, EBS relies on its stakeholders, past, present and future, to play a part in its future. Students delight in meeting alumni, not only because it spurs them on in times of difficulty, but because alumni are individuals from whom they learn. The student-alumni relationship is therefore vital for support and community spirit.