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This is your MBA. Not ours. That means you start when you like and finish when you like. You can study from home or on campus. At EBS, our courses are designed to fit round you.

Frequently asked questions


What is the deadline for application?

When can I start?

What are the entry requirements for the on-campus MBA Programme?

How do I apply for matriculation if I am not studying on-campus in Edinburgh?

My degree is from an overseas university, will I be able to matriculate with this?

When will I get my student ID card?

I've lost my student ID card. How can I get another one?

I do not have a degree, can I still apply?

Do I need work experience for the self-study MBA/MSc?

How many courses do I need to complete?

Do I need LTS for the distance learning programme?

What is/ How do I get my SID/Registration Number?


How do I apply for exemption?

What qualifications are required for exemption?

I have one of the Professional Qualifications listed in the Exemption Section of your website but it was awarded ten years ago, will I still be entitled to the exemption you currently award for this qualification?

I need to submit a certified copy of my qualifications but I am not sure what this means.


How do I apply for an exam?

Can I do examinations online?

Is there continuous assessment?

Where can I sit my examinations?

When will I find out where I am sitting my examination?

Can I download a copy of my exam detail letter through student services?

What happens if I miss an exam?

If I miss an exam does it count as an attempt?

How do I apply for a compensatory passes?

How many attempts am I allowed?

Can I get my results over the telephone?

Can I have my paper back after the examination?

How can I appeal my result?


When do I find out about graduation?

How do I apply for graduation/what is the procedure?

Will my certificate mention distance learning mode?


Do I have to buy other books besides the course material?

How will I know that I have the latest version of the course materials?

Can I change my name online?

Can I visit the campus?