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Developing Effective Managers and Leaders

Chris Mabey

It is generally agreed that management development refers to the process by which individuals improve their capabilities and learn to perform effectively in managerial roles. But the enduring simplicity of this definition is deceptive. Each element attracts controversy. For instance, what exactly is included in the term development, and how is this to be distinguished from management training, education and learning? Why should we focus exclusively on managers and managerial roles? What is meant by effective performance, and how is this to be interpreted and measured?

Topics covered

  • What is management and leadership development and why is it important?
  • Why does the promise of management development often remain unfulfilled?
  • What determines the way managers and leaders are developed?
  • What are the extent and effectiveness of management and leadership development?
  • What are the opportunities and pitfalls of international management development?
  • Does management development improve organisational performance?
  • What are the individual benefits of management development?
  • Are there other ways of viewing management development?
  • Developing managers and leaders: is it worth the effort?