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Gavin Kennedy

Influencing is how we obtain what we want by affecting the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of others over whom we may have limited or no authority but who are able to make decisions that affect ourselves and our organisation. It is about understanding how managers deal with other managers upwards and sideways in their own organisation and in other organisations. Influence or be influenced, that is the iron law for working with other people.

This elective explains how people are influenced, how to exert influence, how to develop relationships with those around us to achieve personal and organisational goals and how to recognise influencing games played by other managers. These are essential skills for anybody wishing to put into practice the outputs of all the other courses in the EBS MBA.

Topics covered

  • The need for influence.
  • What is influencing?.
  • Building relationships.
  • The currencies of influence.
  • GAME.
  • Influencing for results.
  • Power and influence.
  • Retrospection.