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Willem Baartman | Avinash Seetharam

Willem Baartman, Namibia

Willem Baartman

As all students who are gearing up to study towards an MBA do, I researched institutions on the quality of the MBA programmes they offered. Being from Africa it was important for me that the institution offered an internationally accepted degree that would broaden my future career opportunities.

Now after I have completed the process and gained an EBS MBA I can look back at my choice with a sense of pride and forward with optimism as the only boundary now is my own initiative.

The EBS MBA opened doors for me even while studying as it demonstrated my commitment to various contacts within my network and the quality of the program made it possible for me to immediately utilize what I had learned. I started my own consultancy 11 months ago in Scotland while studying and I use the knowledge gained from EBS every day.

I moved to Scotland to study at EBS and although it can seem like a daunting prospect it was made easy by the assistance I received from the very competent and friendly staff and the Scottish people who I met.

The EBS MBA is not the final destination for me, rather the beginning of a long relationship with EBS that will develop alongside my career.

I recommend the Edinburgh Business School MBA to any like-minded individuals and Scotland proved to be the greatest little country in the world.