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Course fees

Edinburgh Business School

Students who order courses from EBS direct will be charged the course fee relevant to the student's country of residence.

EBS charges course fees in US dollars for students resident in the USA, Eastern Europe and Central and South America, in Canadian dollars for students resident in Canada, in Australian dollars for students resident in Australia and New Zealand, and in GBP for all other regions.

EBS subsidises distance-learning MBA course fees in certain regions of the world to reflect local economic conditions, for example in sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Fee subsidies are available only to students living in these countries and we ask students to respect this. Any student found abusing the fee subsidy system may be asked to leave the programme.

Course fees can be paid to EBS online using your credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or bank draft.

All courses supplied direct by EBS are subject to a standard per-order delivery charge.

Please note that the course fees quoted per country is the fee per individual course and not for the complete programme/degree.

Regional Partners and Approved Learning Partners

Regional Partners and our international network of Approved Learning Partners charge fees that reflect the value of their local services. They may also accept payments in local currencies.

Examination and exemption fees

The fee for examination anywhere in the world is £125 per examination sitting. This is normally payable directly to EBS in GBP and can be paid online (see the student portal for details on exam fee payments). In some circumstances, the examination fee payment can be made to your Approved Learning Partner.

Exemption fees and all DBA mentoring and supervision fees, are always paid directly to EBS.

All fees are subject to change without notice.