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Zambia testimonials

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Israel Mwanza

Israel Mwanza

For me studying the Heriot-Watt MBA was quite challenging but manageable. I had to strike a balance between my tight work schedule as someone responsible for financial reporting at Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc and finding time to study. I completed the MBA programme in 18 months. The materials are written by very renowned and experienced professors from American and European universities.

The MBA really equipped me with soft skills and moulded me into a more complete professional who can ably handle every aspect of business in any industry. I am so versatile that I can efficiently and effectively manage both front office and back office operations.

Armed with the Heriot-Watt MBA, one gains a greater insight of an integrated picture of business and how the various operational and support units complement each other to make an effective whole unit.

Heriot-Watt produces graduates who take a systematic approach to business issues in arriving at decisions rather than the reductionist approach or silo effect where managers make sub-optimal decisions that are not in the best interests of the organisation as whole.