About us

The Centre for Networks and Enterprise (CNE) was set-up in March 2017 following the appointment of a new executive dean.

 Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean, is assisted by the director of the centre, Dr Dimitris Christopoulos, and a team of post-doctoral researchers and research assistants.

Scholars and faculty members at Heriot-Watt University (within Edinburgh Business School and across disciplines) are also actively engaged in our research and workshops.

Follow our projects on Twitter @CNE_EBS and contact us at cne@ebs.hw.ac.uk

Research projects

The centre is currently supporting research on gender and boardroom interlocks, finance syndication, social entrepreneurship and career progression. Our projects aim to optimise network interventions and offer policy advice where appropriate. Our research aims to support people to achieve their potential and facilitate business to optimise operations.

The motivation of social entrepreneurs

This research project will research social enterprises in Scotland. The aim of the study is to further understand Scottish social entrepreneurs’ motivations, opportunities, networks and the perception of success.

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Social networks for graduate PR students

This project focuses on the importance of BME graduates fostering connections with people working in the PR industry. The connection will be explored through the assignment of active PR professionals as mentors, and providing contexts where trainees can form relationships with a range of people working in the industry.

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Women executives on boards of UK FTSE 100 companies

We are examining the progress of women on the board of directors of companies, with the aim of analysing how women professionally progress and whether this is reflected in their presence as interlocks between boards.

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PhD studentship project - venture capital networks

This PhD study investigates the network effects resulting from syndication of investments within the venture capital industry in Europe. The relationship will be examined between firms interaction with each other, and the influence on the performance of their portfolio companies and funds. The project will hold a particular focus on the structure of social networks in Silicon Valley.

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Agents in home collected credit

This study aims to better situate home-collected credit in academic, policy and public debate. It also focuses on the relationships, intricacies and contingencies within the home-collected credit sector, building on and updating previous research in the field.

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Sustainable shellfish production in Scotland

This project focuses on UK fisheries and specifically what characterises the network of UK shellfish landing events. It aims to explore a new approach to managing fisheries, addressing imbalances and aligning aspirations to ground decision making at local levels.

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Sunbelt 2018, Utrecht

Five members of the CNE flew to Utrecht, Netherlands to attend the XXXVIII Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)...

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Professor Paul Jones Guest Talk

On 12 September, Professor Paul Jones from Swansea University presented a talk on ‘Publishing in the Business Management Discipline’...

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Professor Galloway’s Conference Paper

The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management Conference on Research Studies in Entrepreneurship and Small Business takes place this November.

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Workshop: Relational Event Modelling

13 March, 2019

by Prof Mark Tranmer
Heriot-Watt University (room tbc)

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Workshop: Content analysis and semantic analysis of text

9 April, 2019

by Dr Stefan Grindl
Modul University Vienna
Heriot-Watt University

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Guest talk: Leadership and Networks

10 April, 2019

by Prof Leroy White, University of Warwick
South Pod, Edinburgh Business School

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Workshop: Multimode networks and network evolution

17 May 2019

Dr James Holloway, University of Geneva
Heriot-Watt University (room tbc)

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Workshop: Social Network Analysis for Ego-Nets

14 June, 2019

Dr Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester
Heriot-Watt University (room tbc)

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Workshop: Mixed methods research into social networks

12 July, 2019

Professor Betina Hollsetin, University of Bremen
Heriot-Watt University (room tbc)

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