This study assesses the impacts of the ‘School for Social Entrepreneurs’ in Scotland

A. Investigating its role in ensuring that social entrepreneurship meets broader societal targets.

The project focuses upon the School’s start-up programme and adopts a survey instrument to investigate how enrolment at the School and completion of the programme has influenced the current-status of alumni. 

The project specifically looks to investigate whether social enterprise is achieving its broader social goal(s). Is social enterprise achieving financial goals, such as sustainability and growth targets? How do social entrepreneurs measure their successes (aims) and have they achieved these? How has the ‘School for Social Enterprise’ assisted in defining the aims of entrepreneurs, measuring success, and achieving overarching objectives?

B. Investigating the motivations of social entrepreneurs in Scotland.

This study focuses upon the social enterprise network in Central Scotland. Adopting a snowball sampling technique, this research will identify and target prominent social entrepreneurs for in-depth interview. Content and narrative analysis are used to explore the motivations of social entrepreneurs, their key role-models, supporters and mentors. 

Published work

Christopoulos, D., & Vogl, S. (2015). The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The Roles, Agendas and Relations of Altruistic Economic Actors. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 6(1), 1-30.

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