A supportive environment for new start-ups in Edinburgh Business School

Our Business Incubator was launched at our Edinburgh campus by the Duke of York in July 2018.

The Business Incubator exists as a safe harbour for young start-ups to validate their ideas and identify suitable markets. Providing free desk space, training, workshops and mentorship on site, we aim to encourage, support and develop entrepreneurship. 

- There is no requirement to come in to the Incubator every day. The space is here to use as and when it's needed.

- There is no cost involved and we don't take an equity stake. The only thing businesses must pay for is Public Liability insurance.  

- A space in the Incubator is for one year. There may be an option to apply to extend this.

- Anyone can apply to join, providing they aren’t a full time undergraduate or taught postgraduate.

What's it like being in the Incubator?

Faisal Ghani, founder of inventapod and Jill Henry, founder of Meander Apparel, share how the Incubator has helped their businesses grow.

A Place in Childhood (APiC)

A Place in Childhood (APiC) is a Scottish charitable incorporated organisation that promotes and implements inclusive child-friendly environments through a triad of practice based research, advocacy and action. Underpinned by the UN Convention on the rights of the child, our team of we put children at the heart of everything we do   Access to inclusive child-friendly environments is a fundamental right, and is proven to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health, aid learning and promote creativity and innovation. 

We distil the outcomes of our combined research with local knowledge derived from our own participatory practice, to facilitate an open source knowledge network and consultancy services to better shape our young citizen’s environments

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HeadSpace Design

HeadSpace Design is a unique startup that specialises in designing innovations to improve the lives of people living with dementia. Currently, HeadSpace Design is developing an innovative assistive technology solution that could ultimately keep people living with dementia living happier, more independent lives in their own homes for longer.

Winning their first award in 2014, HeadSpace Design initially started as an innovative landscape architecture company; designing dementia-friendly landscapes, sensory gardens, and outdoor spaces. This has led to the company's first dementia-friendly garden being designed, and is currently under construction in Calderglen Country Park in East Kilbride. 

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Head Impact Trauma Limited (HIT)

HIT is a device aimed at better understanding and identifying concussive impacts when playing rugby. Aimed at youth rugby players, HIT is a recognition tool that illuminates when sensing an impact over the force threshold, creating a baseline for removing and checking a player after a head impact. It is designed to be as unobtrusive to the wearer as possible, thus not impeding the performance level of the wearer. 

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IMERAI has developed the world’s first open-access, open-air, 3D echolocation sensor. The technology works using the same principles that animals such as bats, dolphins, and whales use to sense via sound. In gesture control and environmental imaging applications, the sensor provides useful environmental data without identifying personal, recognisable features. Unlike alternative 3D imaging methods, our device is completely static and has no moving parts. All while being a fraction of the cost, size, and weight of existing solutions such as depth cameras and LiDAR.

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In the UK, this cost of food waste recycling for catering is around £2.4 billion a year, increasing at a rate approaching 30% in 2018 and will get more expensive as no biodegradable waste will be sent to landfill/sewer by 2020 in most industrialised nations. 

IntelliDigest have developed an in situ, modular anaerobic food waste recycler (IntelliAD). This is to be leased by businesses in the hospitality and food sector to completely and safely recycle their food waste to high value resource in the form of bioenergy and biochemicals. 

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Inventapod Ltd

Finding space to be creative can be challenging, especially in compact city living. At inventapod we want to encourage people’s creativity and provide a space solution to this issue. The inventapod is a sleekly designed portable unit that will convert any table in your home into a creative work space. Made from slotted aluminium sections and encased in a laser-cut acrylic sheet, it encompasses your screen, power unit, and storage pockets. When packed away it’s small enough to store in a bookcase, helping you make the most of your space.

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Leta Project

Leta Project is a digital platform for mental health and psychology, connecting clients seeking mental health support with an active community of professionals in mental health. The unique functionality of the platform will empower clients to be at the centre of their health and decision-making and will enable cross-country and cross-disciplinary collaboration between practitioners and researchers. Our aim to accelerate development and progress of innovative solutions and methods for supporting mental health

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Loft Boarding Scotland Ltd

Loft Boarding Scotland Ltd was set up in June 2017 to address the chronic shortage of storage in new homes. We fit flooring, ladders and lighting to your loft. 

LoftZone is the only raised storage flooring product currently available which is approved by the British Board of Agrément and so does not affect your new home warranty. Installations usually take only a day or two, depending on the size of the property. Our courteous tradesmen are highly skilled and fully-insured professionals, who will leave your installation clean, tidy and guaranteed for five years.

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Meander Apparel

Meander Apparel is a clothing company for commuter cyclists and outdoor lovers that launched in May 2018 on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.  

The Meander jacket is perfect for a cycle commute into work or wearing out around town.  Fabric is sourced from a sustainable Italian mill in Lake Como and is lightweight, waterproof and breathable with reflectivity that can be seen when you want it and folded away when you don't. It conveniently packs away into a rucksack, messenger or saddle bag. The brands mission is to simplify life by creating sustainable multi-purpose clothing with equal measures of style and functionality. 

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Our Nuptial Chest

Our Nuptial Chest is a digital service that enables a cash gift registry (a gift registry that accepts cash as an alternative to receiving traditional wedding gift items) for intending couples.

Many couples already live together before tieing the know, making gifts such as kettles and toasters unnecessary. Our Nuptial Chest gives the opportunity for couples to state major items they would like to purchase (e.g. a honeymoon experience) then guests can gift you as much (or little) as they want. Couples will be notified with the name of the giver, amount given, and their contact details. All sums received on behalf of each couple is deposited into their stated account on their wedding day. Just like a wedding present!

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Roomy provides stylish bedding at a revolutionary price to student accommodation and students direct. Preparing for university can be overwhelming; a new start in a new city with new people but with Roomy at least getting a great night sleep isn’t something to worry about. Shop between 20 different styles of bedding at three different price points - standard, premium and luxury. Roomy will save students 25% from the high street, no middleman, no mark-up. We have completed our first wholesale order and are in the process of developing our online store.

Roomy's website will be coming soon

Torehill Ltd

Torehill is a marketing strategy consultancy based in Edinburgh. We advise clients on marketing strategy, communications and planning. Our mission is to help our clients achieve long-term growth and return on marketing investment. We drive growth for SMEs and ambitious high-growth start-ups in the technology, property and retail sectors. Combined, we have over 45 years of experience working with premium clients including Nissan, BT, Accenture, BMW, Tesco Bank and Sainsbury. 
Christine Babington Smith is the founder of Torehill. She is a marketing expert with experience of TV, press, radio, cinema and digital.  

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TownRock Energy

TownRock Energy (TRE) is the geothermal energy specialist for Scotland. TRE provide products and services to enable clients to generate profit and reduce emissions by generating thermal energy from flooded coal mines and aquifers.
Our clients are housing developers, land owners, heat off-takers (universities, distilleries, etc) and engineering consultancies.
The primary product we offer is the pre-feasibility study, which provides an overview of the business case for installing a geothermal heating and cooling system customized for a specific site and energy demand. This is followed by a feasibility study, for which we help our clients access financial support when appropriate, and finally an investment grade business case for the project which leads to financing, contracting and construction.

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Turtle Pack

Turtle Pack is a fun swimming aid designed for children aged 3-6.  Developed by a multi-award winning swim instructor, it makes learning to swim turtally AWESOME. Turtle Pack consists of an easily adjustable neoprene vest with an EVA turtle shell attached to the back.

As the child’s confidence and coordination improves in the water, the buoyancy can be easily reduced by removing segments of the shell. The child’s arms are free so they can swim with no restrictions and provides the correct horizontal body position. The progressive aspect challenges the swimmer to work harder and visually rewards them each time a shell is removed. Most importantly, with its creative design, Turtle Pack is fun to use.

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