A Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, I thought I’d retired in 2006 after 35 years teaching organisational behaviour in the UK, USA and Poland and consulting for JPL/NASA, Rolls Royce, and Unilever amongst others.


The invitation to join Edinburgh Business School faculty probably had something to do with the MBA and DBA programmes I had started in Poland and the UK on the one hand, and my interests in research methods on the other, and I was rapidly drawn in to the School’s teaching and programme management activities.

Over the last 2 years these have included a major revision of the 3 Introduction to Business Research course texts that provide an entrée into the DBA programme. Research interests include knowledge transfer across cultural boundaries, and the application of personal construct theory and techniques in business and management settings.

Senior academics never retire, and if they keep their wits about them, they don’t fade away either

Devi Jankowicz