Helen has joined the Centre for Networks and Enterprise (CNE) as a post-doctoral researcher (2018).

With an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the University of St Andrews, Helen completed her MSc (Applied Ecology & Conservation) with the University of East Anglia; before joining the department of Anthropology (University College London) to investigate coastal livelihoods in the Bijagόs Archipelago (Guinea-Bissau) West Africa.

Her research in Guinea-Bissau investigated the comparative significance of small-scale fishing within local-islander and in-migrant settlements. Since graduating, Helen has worked as an international development consultant on Scottish Government and Department for International Development (DfID) funded programmes (in Pakistan) and as a researcher for NGOs (CARE, TreeAid).

Helen has also supervised MSc students and tutored on undergraduate course at the University of Edinburgh (Geosciences and Social and Political Sciences).

Helen’s main interests are in the marine capture fisheries and aquaculture sector, identifying emerging management approaches, policy networks and investigating ways to integrate community approaches in current governance. Helen is also interested in environmental footprints of these sectors, zero waste strategies, sustainable supply chains and future devolved regulation scenarios.  

Publications, Working Papers, Presentations/Workshops

Cross, H. (2015) Why fish? Using entry-strategies to inform governance of the small-scale sector: A case-study in the Bijagós Archipelago (West Africa) Marine Policy 51: 128-135