Professor Carter is a Professor of Marketing, Director of the MSc marketing specialist programme, subject group leader, DBA mentor, supervisor and active researcher at Edinburgh Business School.

Professor Carter has consulted widely for blue chip companies, publishes regularly in journal and book form and given numerous key notes at seminars and conferences globally. He is currently a paper reviewer for five international journals and his research interests are marketing in emerging and developing economies, strategic marketing, emotional intelligence, M-marketing, Big Data analytics and research methods.

He is also the external examiner for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia, resident PhD examiner for Universiti Putra Business School, Malaysia and has held academic positions in several prestigious universities in the UK and overseas.

Professor Carter is an engineer by training, worked in many companies globally and was recently, a UN Regional Project Director for Eastern and Southern Africa. He has made marketing programmes for national UK television and was a partner in a consortium which set up a commercial radio station in the UK in the 1980s (and still in business) where he was a Non-Executive Director.


1984 – PhD, University of Bradford
1981 – MBA, University of Bradford (Ist in batch and prize winner)
1972 – Institute of Marketing Diploma, Huddersfield Polytechnic 
1971 – BA Bus Studies (Hons), Leeds Polytechnic

Professional Memberships

1972 – Chartered Institute of Marketing     
1994 – Honorary Member of the Zimbabwe Institute of Management
1993 – Member of the MBA Association of Zimbabwe      

Sample Publications and Conference Papers (132 in total)

Carter, S and Yeo, C-M, A (2018), Internet Enabled Collective Intelligence as a Precursor and Predictor of Consumer Behaviour, Economics, Management, and Financial Markets, 13(4):11–38. (Available on line 15 April 2018).

Yeo, C-M, A, Carter, S and A. Chezulhaimee, N (2018), Corporate Social Responsibility Intervention: A Catalyst to Small-Medium Enterprise Employee Engagement, Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management, 6, (1), pages 38-62.

Kayombo, K.M and Carter, S (2017),  Competitive Positioning of a Higher Education Institution in Zambia; The case of ZCAS, Journal of Education and Vocational Research (ISSN 2221- 2590, June, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 6-21.

Yeo, C-M, A and Carter, S (2017),  Undergraduate perceptions of the knowledge, skills and competencies required of today’s practicing marketer, Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning, Vol. 7 Issue: 3, pp.240-260.

Yeo, C-M, A and Carter, S (2017), Segregate the wheat from the chaff enabler: will big data and data analytics enhance the perceived competencies of accountants/auditors in Malaysia? Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 5(3), pp. 28–51, ISSN 2329-4175, eISSN 2377-0996.

Carter, S and Yeo, C-M, A (2017), From Hedonism and Utilitarian to Anticipated Actual Behaviour: Do UK and Malaysian Post Graduate Students Behave Differently to Mobile Apps?, Economics, Management, and Financial Markets 12 (2), pp.11–34, ISSN 1842-3191, eISSN 1938-212X.

Carter, S and Yeo, C-M, A (2016), Students-as-Customers’ Satisfaction, Predictive Retention with Marketing Implications: The Case of Malaysian Higher Education Business Students, International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 30, (5), pp.635 - 652.

Carter, S and Yeo, C-M, A (2016), Mobile Apps Usage by Malaysian Business Undergraduate and Postgraduates: Implications for Consumer Behaviour Theory and Marketing Practice, Internet Research, Vol. 6, (3), pp. 733-757.

Kayombo, K, M and Carter, S (2016), Understanding Student Preferences for University Choice in Zambia, Journal of Education, Policy, Planning and Administration, Vol., 6, (3), pp.1-20.

Beneke, J and Carter, S (2015), Private label brand adoption in South Africa: A qualitative analysis of grocery products using expert opinion, Journal of Business & Retail Management Research, 10(1), pp. 60-70.

Beneke, J and Carter, S (2015), The Development of a Consumer Value Proposition of Private Label Brands and its Application thereof in a South African Retail Context, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 25, pp. 22–35.

Beneke, J and Carter, S (2014), A demographic Analysis of Brand Purchases: The Case of private label breakfast cereal in South Africa, Journal of Business and Retail Management Research, Vol. 9, Issue 1, October, pp.1-13.

Lee, K and Carter, S (2012), International Marketing Strategy – Challenges, Changes and Strategies, 3rd Ed, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-960970-3.

‘Fluffy marketers’ are the bane of the Marketing profession. Add value, be accountable, demonstrate real results or get out!

Professor Steve Carter

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