Thea’s background and areas of interest are psychology and social science research. She has completed an undergraduate in Psychology (University of Manchester) and has studied a range of research approaches.

During her final year in Manchester, Thea investigated human decision making, collecting data on undergraduate students to investigate the rationality of their motor decisions. After completing her BSc, Thea worked for the School of Economics (University of Bristol) on an educational randomised control trial. She worked with researchers and school staff to facilitate an intervention which requires teachers to complete within-departmental observations. To evaluate the intervention, Thea collected GCSE data from approximately 60 schools across England. 

Thea completed her MSc in Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology (University of St Andrews) studying the squirrel monkey population at Edinburgh Zoo; testing whether they could locate hidden objects and comparing their ability to the developmental trends of human infants.

Since graduating in December 2017, Thea has been working as a Research Assistant at Edinburgh Business School. Her main interests involve the development of social capital, and the use of training programmes to deliver social capital to ethnic minority graduates. She also works part-time at the University of Stirling, supporting the Drug Research Network Scotland (DRNS) to reduce the harms associated with problem drug use.