Yasaman has joined Centre for Networks and Enterprise (CNE) as a post-doctoral researcher (2018) moving from the Centre for Business Network Analysis (CBNA), University of Greenwich, London.

In Greenwich, Yasaman focussed her PhD on ‘private participation in the water sector’ adopting Network Analysis and Econometric methods in her analysis of a global dataset compiled using official databases, to investigate collaborative ties among governments and private companies carrying out water-related projects. In addition, Yasaman has been involved in research projects at CBNA on topics of ego-networks in educational setting, and use of Agent Based Modelling to investigate privacy and social media, and social unrest.

Yasaman has been teaching International Business-related courses at the International Business and Economics department of the University of Greenwich. She holds an MA (International Business) from University of Greenwich, London, and a BEng (Mechanical Engineering) from University of Tehran, Iran. 


Yasaman’s main research interest lies in the application of Social Network Analysis (SNA) to business and corporate networks, especially in the environmental services sector. She has started working on ongoing projects at CNE focusing on women directors in UK FTSE100 companies. She has also initiated her research-project which uses SNA to investigate interlocking directorates among firms providing environmental services as an approach to study collaboration and competition trends in the sector. 

Publications, Working Papers, Presentations/Workshops

Tubaro, Paola, Antonio A. Casilli and Yasaman Sarabi 2014. Against the Hypothesis of the End of Privacy: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach to Social Media. Springer Briefs in Digital Spaces.

  • Presentation in European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN)

  • 2017: Collaborative ties between private companies and countries in water sector

  • Presentation in ARS'17, 6th International Workshop: Challenges in Social network research 2017: Collaboration in water sector: A global view

  • Workshop co-Instructor at CBNA Winter School, University of Greenwich 2018: Doing Research with SNA: Tools, theories and applications

  • Workshop co-Instructor at CBNA Summer School, University of Greenwich 2017: Doing Research with SNA: Tools, Theories, and Applications

  • Workshop co-Instructor in European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN) 2017: Introduction to NetLogo and agent-based models of networks