My whole career has been spent providing educational opportunities to those who wish to study.  

I started out in the ‘70s as an educational book publisher, but became fascinated by the challenge of providing programmes of study to people who were not in conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ institutions.

The last two decades have seen revolutionary change in the opportunities for education provision due to globalisation, new approaches to learning/teaching and the explosion of technology.

For many years I worked in programme development and delivery with a wide range of universities in the UK, the USA and Europe, and also with a number of professional associations and  institutes.  But my first love was always the innovation and aspiration of Edinburgh Business School – and from being a publishing and investing partner since inception in 1989, I joined the team full time and now am the Acting Head of School responsible for all aspects of its activities.

Edinburgh Business School is absolutely a great place to work, because it continually strives to provide more opportunities to people of all cultures and backgrounds to get a Master’s degree in business, or pursue doctoral level research.   As a charity,  it ploughs back its surpluses into new developments to provide new opportunities for study. I travel extensively, so see all the time the end result, that in nearly every city in the world there are Edinburgh Business School students and alumni, who have all experienced the benefits of a practical and proven business programme that they might otherwise never have experienced.

We're proud to offer our programmes to students from all over the world, regardless of their background or their economy

Alick Kitchin