In the area of Organisational Behaviour, her interests include the socio-political issues affecting organisations, the Bordieuan and Barthesian dimensions of organisational violence, and how gender stereotypes and relations affect the workplace.

Lina looks forward to working with our students and shepherding them through an understanding of how culture works and the possibilities it offers in the world of business. She believes that the possibility is what keeps the evolution of knowledge going, not the guarantee. The only guarantee she can give is that the students will enjoy every step, and possibility, along the way.

What else? She is a runner so if she’s not at her desk, she’ll probably be out for a run around campus…


  • Fadel, L., Brown, K. and Mustafa, A. (forthcoming, September 2017) ‘Intercultural Issues in Finance’,  Intercultural Issues in Business Management, Edited by Máiréad Nic Craith and Katerina Strani. (Y2 core course in the International Business Management Programme at SoSS).
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  • Fadel, L. (ed.) (2015) The Adventures of the Virologists: Vaccines by S. Obeid , Cimaza Comics, Italy.

Conference contributions:

  • Fadel, L. and O’Rourke, B. (March 2017) ‘My Name is Not Refugee: Acts of Resistance and Transcendence in Rewriting and Legitimising Refugee Discourse’, Research Impact in Action workshop: Refugees, New Speakers and Global Law, Law School, Tilburg University (paper presentation).
  • Fadel, L. (2016, December) ‘Old in the New New: investigating methodological approaches for the study of gender shifts in the Arabic translations of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye’. 12th International Postgraduate Conference in Translating and Interpreting, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Perkins, J.D., Ajeeb, M., Alos, J. & Fadel, L. (June 2016) ‘Mental Health in School Children Experiencing War: a cross-sectional study from inside Syria’. International Health Conference, King's College London, London, UK (paper presentation).
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