When did you join the team at Edinburgh Business School and what does your current role involve?

I joined the Business School in 2003 and became Director of Marketing in 2006. My responsibilities include managing the School’s image, brand and positioning in a global market, the digital strategy which encompasses website, social media, optimisation and advertising as well as external Public Relations and communications and our alumni network. 


What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

I love meeting our graduates and students. So graduation days and the events we hold around the world are hot favourites of mine because it allows me to meet the people who have been touched by our programmes and hear first-hand how that has helped re-shape their life trajectory. 


Why is Edinburgh Business School a good choice for students?

Our students and graduates answer this question better than I ever could! The word we hear over and over again is flexibility. Our rigorous programmes are designed and delivered to suit the needs of the mature, professional student and it allows them the choice of when, how, what and where to study. 

our students and alumni network are critical to our success

Sally MacLeod