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On your bike...

Dr Barbara Jamieson, Senior Teaching Fellow

Faculty Blog

What a great time to be handed the role of Blog Master. The Marketing team will be picking up on several threads this month, including retailer power; pricing issues and corporate social responsibility. But first, a final (and dare I say it) optimistic comment on London 2012.

Jessica Ennis Banner, Oxford Street, London August 2012Some of my early cynicism about the Olympic Games 2012 is now kicked into touch after a week in London experiencing first hand the warmth of the Olympic flame and a new found confidence in all things British. We’ve witnessed our athletes perform beyond all expectations, we’ve seen London at its best, now I’m beginning to wonder whether it really could be true that London 2012 will “inspire a generation” to take up exercise.

Changing people’s behaviour is difficult but, as we look up to athletes like Jessica Ennis on an Oxford Street billboard, it looks like we are taking in more than just a brand message. We make the positive association between this talented heptathlete and Adidas and, of course, we might go ahead and buy a t-shirt or some sports shoes on the back of that.  End of story? No, it seems London 2012 may well give us the confidence to go further; to actually get down to the track, jump into a canoe or get on your bike – in the last week alone, an online bike retailer reports a 71% surge in traffic article to its website. Anyone for tennis?