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Young people show entrepreneurial spirit

Jane Priest, Teaching Fellow

Faculty Blog

While viruses seem to strike humans in winter months, I’ve come to notice that computers seem most at risk during summertime. This is just speculation of course, but a computer technician friend of mine, who pointed out this apparent trend, blames it on bored teenagers. This got me thinking: surely if you have the skills to create a computer virus, you could be putting those skills to good use!

Thankfully, it seems many young people are doing just that. Alongside a rise in female entrepreneurship, there has been a rise in young ‘recession generation’ entrepreneurs defying the downturn in the UK. According to the research by business insurance broker Simply Business, most start up success was in entertainment and arts, while restaurants, shops and pubs continue to struggle. (This correlates with our increasing desire to consume ‘experiences’ rather than ‘things’. But are event organisers and children’s entertainers really what we need during economic hardship?).

Almost a year ago I posted an article lamenting how many young people today are missing out on the experience of a ‘Saturday job’. It seems instead they are falling back on their own creativity and resilience to gain experience and create new opportunities. Do you know any young entrepreneurs? Is this trend evident in your country?