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What is an Edinburgh Business School DBA and is it for you?

John Simmons

Faculty Blog

graduation DBA

Michael Sitte, Barbara Jamieson and Andrew Dean, EBS Graduation June 2015

Achieving a doctorate from any university is a major achievement that stays with recipients their whole lives regardless of the direction that future careers take. At Edinburgh Business School, DBA theses are examined against the same general criteria as PhDs and follow the identical procedures as laid down by Heriot-Watt University. Independent, external and internal examiners are appointed for each candidate and, in addition to the examiners preparing separate reports, they are required to conduct a viva voce examination of the candidate.

External examiners are senior academics from other reputed UK and international universities; internal examiners are drawn from academic staff within Edinburgh Business School. All examiners, external and internal, are formally appointed by Heriot-Watt University and must have no prior involvement with the research or supervision of the candidate in question.

For the DBA candidates graduating in June 2015, external examiners came from the University of Kent, the University of Leeds, the OpenUniversity (UK), The University of Brighton, The School of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of London, Edinburgh Napier University and the University of Glasgow.

The UKs system of external examination for doctorates is a powerful mechanism for ensuring the standards of these degrees.  In the case of Edinburgh Business School, DBA graduates can be confident that their theses have been examined to the highest standards and thus their degrees have international credibility and recognition.

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