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Habitual brands?

Jane Priest, Teaching Fellow

Faculty Blog

English: Diet Coke Products

English: Diet Coke Products (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Successfully weaving brands into consumers’ everyday ‘rituals’ is a helpful way of making them seem, in the consumer’s mind, indispensable. Personal hygiene products, like toothpaste, deodorant and makeup remover are obvious ones.  But many brands seem to want to capitalise on this opportunity, as suggested by well known slogans like “A Mars a day…” “Have A break. Have A KitKat”,  and “Have you had your Weetabix?”. Probiotic yoghurt drinks, like Yakult and Actimel, encourage a daily dose for good health. Even as I write this I am sipping a can of Diet Coke, as I do at this time pretty much every afternoon.

What brands have become embedded in your daily routine? Are you willing to pay more for them? Has habit become loyalty?