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Talent scarcity in China

Iain Lauder

Faculty Blog

Hi – it’s November so I have now taken ownership of this blog and will be posting from an Organisational Behaviour perspective as well as supporting others to continue to build our stories.

Type 1 Chi-He

Type 1 Chi-He (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An article in HRM in Asia cited PricewaterhouseCoopers’ annual global CEO survey in China, saying that more than 59% of respondents said that hiring in China has become increasingly difficult. The survey revealed a talent scarcity across all sectors, with a large shortage in senior and middle managers.  In another study by Manpower Group, 33,000 global employers reported that vacancies at the managerial and executive level are harder to fill in China than in other countries.

In 1997, McKinsey & Company coined the term “the war for talent” and it has been discussed ever since, primarily as a Western issue.  Does the above article on China identify this as a widening Global issue?