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Financial Times; women at the top conference

Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean

Faculty Blog

How should you approach getting a pay rise? This was the subject of my session this week at the Women At the Top conference held in London by the Financial Times; conferences, which are a core part of any academic’s life, are for all of us an opportunity to share ideas, meet new people and reinforce our relationships with those we already know.

This conference did all of that for me; as well as being joined by Dr Moira Storey, EBS’s Director of Quality & Assurance, who was my guest for the day, I was able to catch up with several other people. One of them was Helena Morrissey, the CEO of Newton Investment management, part of Bank of New York Mellon. Back in 2010, Helena had the idea to set up a campaign to argue for more women on public company boards, and she invited a few of us to help her. Six years on, the 30% Club is active all over the world, and the percentage of women on FTSE 100 company boards has increased from 12.5% to the target 30%. It has been a privilege to be part of Helena’s team for all that time and I look forward to continuing to contribute. (For those of you who don’t know about Helena, she is also famous for having nine children, which makes her one of the most efficient users of time that I know).

I also met people for the first time, including Vivienne Hunt, the dynamic head of Mckinsey in the UK & Ireland. I have long wanted to meet Vivienne, and was so excited to do so that I asked her for a selfie! 

My panel was chaired by the FT’s companies editor, Brooke Masters, and after the event she interviewed me for an FT video, on the subject of women’s pay.

I am always proud of the women studying at, and graduating from, EBS. One of the people who recently completed our DBA is Tiffany Rogers Bussey. Tiffany is now a Strategy Consultant and the Director of The Entrepreneurship Centre at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. She told us that attending classes at EBS felt like being at the United Nations. “I loved it."

She is pretty international herself. “I was born in Belize, Central America. My Dad was the Deputy Prime Minister and later the Belizean Ambassador to the UN, so I learned business, diplomacy and politics around the dinner table.

As an instructor at Morehouse College, my job is to bring the business world into the classroom. I needed a doctorate, but I knew that I couldn't go back to school full-time. I was looking for a programme that had flexibility, rigour and was highly respected; I knew Edinburgh Business School's DBA was right for me.

I love to travel and to meet people from different cultures, so the international element of the DBA particularly resonated with me. Attending on-campus classes felt like being at the United Nations. I loved it.

Since gaining my DBA, I find that people have a greater respect for me and my work. I'm not sure when I'll find time for more research or publication, as the demand for my consulting practice has increased greatly since I graduated.

Soon my children will go off to college. Then I'll start looking for my next career challenge, and will face it boldly."

Thank you for sharing this, Tiffany, and for agreeing to be a face in our poster campaign. 

I look forward to sharing more of these stories with you in future blog posts!

Heather McGregor.