Meet Michelle who studied part time in Dubai.

Aspiring leader, Michelle Liu, believes self-discipline and pure determination helped her to achieve her goals. However, she admits, sometimes combining MBA studies with work and family life can be tough.

“I studied for two and a half years without a proper break,” Michelle says.

“It was tough, especially at weekends when I had to get up early to study. After completing two subjects, I recall thinking at that point that I didn’t want to continue. Luckily, a colleague who had already completed his MBA encouraged me with his practical words to carry on.”

With an MBA being a varied business programme, providing students with an in-depth knowledge of many aspects of running a successful organisation, students often find that with some courses they might need a bit of extra support.

Michelle’s MBA journey had similar traits. She recalls, “I finished eight subjects on my own without much help. But one course that I did struggle with was finance and I studied it with my classmates. I became good friends with one classmate in particular, who really helped me a lot.”

“It was my last subject and I knew that failure was not an option, so I also spent more time studying in the University library and at home.”

However, now, proud of her achievements, and equipped with a first class MBA and knowledge enabling her to take on any professional challenge, Michelle is already applying her skills in the workplace. The future is bright and she is determined to use her education to make a positive impact in the world.

Michelle believes everyone should have equal access to education and if there is one thing she could change about the world right now it would be “education scarcity in post-war countries”, as well as offering “equal access to education for refugees”.

Michelle added, “I currently work in the education industry, and by nature, it is a meaningful field - I hope I’m already making a positive difference to the communities that I serve."

Michele, you inspire us!