John King’ang’I Ngugi feels “equipped with professionalism” after completing an online masters programme at Edinburgh Business School

From Nairobi, Kenya, John was always looking for new ways to push himself and a masters in financial management was just what he needed. 

John said: “I was looking for a programme that would sharpen my skills and that’s what I found at EBS." 

However, the teaching must also be applicable in a workplace and John confirms that his studies and concepts taught are relevant in the corporate environment he operates in.

An aspiring bank credit officer, who is now also considering starting his own business, recommends online studies at Edinburgh Business School. 

“Number one is flexibility, I’d also highlight applicability and the structure of the courses”, John explains.

“What I loved about EBS, and it’s been emphasised today, is that they have now equipped us with the professionalism to go out there and change the world.”

John, you inspire us.

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