An award winning business transforms Scotland's attics

A Scottish entrepreneur brought a solution to the market designed to address the new homebuyers’ top complaint - the lack of storage.

Andrew Johnstone, the founder of Loft Boarding Scotland, noticed a gap in the market two years ago, when he and his young family moved into a newbuild home in Kirkliston, West Lothian.

Faced with having nowhere to put his family’s treasures, the idea was born to bring into the Scottish market the only raised storage flooring product to have achieved independent certification for use in newbuild homes. 

Andrew, who won the 'Young Entrepreneur Of The Year' recognition at the WeDO Scotland Awards last week, is now looking to expand his business.  The entrepreneur believes that with over 18,000 new homes built each year in Scotland, there is ample scope for growth. 

Andrew said: “The idea was born out of the necessity, and I knew I wasn’t the only one faced with this problem. Houses are shrinking and new homes built in the UK are already the smallest in Europe.”

“My neighbours provided the best market research, after sharing the idea with them, many got together and placed a huge order to have their lofts floored too."

Many homebuilders do not recommend flooring the loft or using it as storage space, as it may squash their insulation and effectively void the warranty of your home. However, the founder of Loft Boarding Scotland insists that the solution his company is providing is safe. 

Andrew said: “The traditional method of placing boards directly on joists or building up the joists with timber is not a good idea. This reduces airflow, causing damp, or squashes insulation making it far less efficient. The system we fit, LoftZone, is safe to use in newbuilds, approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and does not affect new home warranties.”

In its second year of trading, the company, supported by Edinburgh Business School Incubator, has grown rapidly and is now providing a nationwide service, fitting over 400 raised floor systems and ladders each year from the Borders to the North of Scotland.