Ahmed studied for his MBA part-time at Edinburgh Business School in Dubai


Ahmed Essam from Egypt is a proud father and husband, a successful professional and EBS MBA graduate. 


He has over a decade work experience in oil and gas industry and continued to work for Expro, an international oilfield service company, throughout his studies. 
Ahmed said: “When I moved to business development, I needed more knowledge and more experience so I started my research to see which is the best MBA programme that I can join.”
The flexibility of Edinburgh Business School’s MBA was one of the decisive factors for Ahmed. When he was transferred to Dubai from Cairo, to take up a new role within the company, Ahmed was confident he could continue his studies. 
“It was very straightforward and easy to transfer from Egypt to Dubai campus”, Ahmed said. “I had to settle down and focus more on my new job and once I set up everything, my house, my family and my job I was ready to resume my studies.”
While in Dubai, Ahmed attended courses with people from many countries, helping him to understand how different cultures operate. This multicultural and multinational environment enriched his studies and provided a new perspective on business issues he faces every day.
Above all, Ahmed is a true believer of work and life balance. “Edinburgh Business School, Expro and my family were supporting me throughout my studies. And the most joyful and satisfying moment is to share your success with the people you love.” 
Ahmed, you inspire us! 

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