Online Tuition Series 

We are launching a range of online tuition
options for you in January.
Online tuition will be delivered to students through Edinburgh Business School’s global network of teaching partners, giving you access to highly experienced tutors. 

Within your Student Portal we will list details on; type of tutor service on offer, detailed partner information and specific information on your tutor, all to help you make the choices that best meet your needs.

The types of tutor services we're offering are:

Online Revision - to help you prepare for your exams
Online Tuition  -  Structured tuition that will guide you through each course in full
Online Mentoring - one-to-one support from your own dedicated tutor.

What happens when you sign up?

Online Revision and Tuition will be delivered in groups of around 20. Your fellow students and tutors will come from a range of countries and backgrounds.
Each series will be delivered by the Tutor of your choice; Edinburgh Business School will however host and oversee the Adobe Connect webinar platform to ensure that you receive a good experience.

A successful pilot project 

This year, we worked with our teaching partners to offer online revision as part of a pilot programme in direct response to feedback from students. The series, a set of live tutor-led weekly sessions, were designed to support students in preparation for their exams.
Over 800 students participated, a number signed up for several series and over 1000 places were filled. Students from over 94 different countries attended the sessions. These students have given us very positive feedback. This gives us confidence that this new, ongoing project will provide you with an advantage and you'll benefit from focused expert-led tution.

Sign up for the Online Tuition series' is completed via your Student portal, which you have access to when you begin your masters programme with us. Fill out the form below for more information or see our Apply page to begin.

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