Changing career path with an MBA

Bosman du Plessis’ journey has taken him from the rugby fields of South Africa and Scotland to the boardrooms of the USA.

His passion for sport always went beyond the technical, tactical and physical challenges. He was intrigued by how people are motivated and the critical impact of the environment in which they develop and perform.

When Bosman was considering his future career, a recommendation from his cousin set him on his way to an MBA and a unique development path.

Now, Bosman is an Edinburgh Business School MBA alumni, testing his skills in challenging work environments.

Bosman said:

“After coaching successful youth rugby sides in South Africa, I came to Scotland for a rugby development job in 2010.

“I was looking to broaden my professional skills and my cousin spoke highly of the Edinburgh Business School MBA, which he had completed in 2005.

“Soon I started working on a cultural change programme for Scottish Rugby and the Bill McLaren Foundation, where I combined my coaching experience with the growing business acumen I was gaining from the MBA.

“During my graduation year there was a significant twist to my story: I met my soulmate, Charlene, and we decided to build our future in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I took the opportunity to make a career change. In America’s competitive job market, my MBA was invaluable: it gave me options and skills that were relevant in new contexts.”

Now, Bosman is working for a young, dynamic and growing firm, where his role spans business development, designing business processes, leading the marketing team and getting involved in consulting.

Bosman added:

“My studies at EBS provided me with the critical thinking skills and management toolkit I needed to be a versatile, adaptable and global professional.

“The future for me is to use the MBA skills and apply them to the discipline of leadership in any industry and any context anywhere in the world.”

Bosman, you inspire us.

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