The Centre for Networks and Enterprise (CNE) at Edinburgh Business School are hosting a workshop on network analysis

Inferential methods for social network analysis

Instructor: Dr Lorien Jasny, University of Exeter.

Social network analysis focuses on the relationships between or among social entities.
This course presents an introduction to advanced concepts, methods, and applications of social network analysis used in the social and behavioural sciences.

The primary focus of these methods is the statistical analysis of relational data measured on populations of social actors. The course assumes that the participants are familiar with social network data and most basic methods, although there will be some review.

Wednesday 13 February, 14:00-17:00

Heriot-Watt University (location to be advised)
Please meet at EBS from 13:15-13:45 for registration.
Tea and coffee will be served.

The course will cover

- measuring general descriptive measures for social networks
(centrality, clustering, structural equivalence, dyad and triad censuses)
using the SNA package for R

- methods of comparing networks and basic statistical measures
of permutation tests,  QAP procedure, conditional uniform graph tests,
and network autocorrelation models.

Computer programmes

The R statistical programming package is required to follow along with the course material. 
It is free to download here. If you do not yet have familiarity with R,
you can try this online course as preparation.  

You can also download R Studio. It is not necessary, but helps to organise the
R windows and is an easier interface. It is also free and available here.

Please also download the statnet, network, ndtv, sna, MASS and numderiv packages for R
available from Cran.

To register

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