Why Choose a Pre-Doctoral Programme?

The Edinburgh Business School Pre-Doctoral Programme is specifically designed for students who want to fully prepare for a DBA or PhD degree at Edinburgh Business School or elsewhere. Entry to doctoral studies is increasingly competitive so it is vital that you understand the research process and have a clearly defined research idea before embarking on a doctoral research programme. This programme will help you do just that.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of three 20-credit courses titled Introduction to Business Research 1, 2 and 3. On successful completion, not only will you have you have the theory, knowledge, tools and techniques required to embark on a doctoral research programme but you are also awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Research Methods, a significant University award in its own right.

Introduction to Business Research 1 provides a basic understanding of what doctoral research involves, particularly helpful if you have not researched at this level before.

Introduction to Business Research 2 covers research methodology and literature reviewing, focusing on how research questions are addressed and refined.

Introduction to Business Research 3 covers methodology and research design in detail, dealing with the choice and use of data collection techniques, methods to obtain valid and relevant information, statistical analysis and modelling.

Programme Delivery

Students can choose where, when and at what pace they study. The programme can be completed entirely by self-paced distance learning but you also the opportunity to enhance your learning through attendance at intensive 4-day seminars that are held for each course at our campuses in Edinburgh and Dubai. 

These four-day intensive seminars are delivered by our experienced faculty and offer practical insights into specific aspects of the course. You’ll examine relevant case studies and mix with students from different countries, cultures and career paths.

The purpose of the seminar is not only to ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of the course material but also help you apply this material effectively when reaching the thesis stage of the degree. The last day of the seminar will focus on developing appropriate techniques for approaching the end of course exam.



The programme is open to anyone with an interest in doctoral level research. 

Students who complete the Postgraduate Certificate can apply for a DBA or PhD with Edinburgh Business School, however, you will still need to meet the other entry requirements for your preferred programme of study. These can be found at https://www.ebsglobal.net/.

How to apply

You can apply online. Once you have purchased your first course you will receive information on the formal registration process and on how to log into the Student Portal.


The total cost of the programme by distance-learning is £3525.
Each optional 4-day on-campus seminar costs £630.