A business and a charity

Edinburgh Business School, the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University, is committed to providing opportunities to people with the relevant experience and ability to study for a masters level programme in business from all over the world.  

As part of our activities, we make available a range of bursaries and scholarship programmes, which are in place to help a select number of students to achieve one of our awards even if they face financial hardship.

At our campuses in Edinburgh, Dubai and Malaysia, we make available each year a small number of bursaries (partial fee waivers) for students who complete the relevant application.

Edinburgh Business School was established as a limited company with charitable status with Heriot-Watt University as its sole member. The Board comprises nine Trustees, which include an independent Chairman and four members nominated by the University. The Trustees are responsible for all aspects of governance, approving the strategy of the school, and ensuring that the operation  of the charity is in line with its charitable objectives. The charitable objectives and operations are defined in the EBS Memorandum and Articles of Association (1997 with subsequent amendments in 2010).


The vision of the school is to give all business men and women the opportunity to achieve a graduate qualification in business, to add value to their careers and their organisations.
The mission is to design masters and doctoral level programmes that are academically rigorous and recognised, give applied skills and expertise, and provide opportunities to study where, when and how our students choose. 

Going strong since 1997

Since its establishment as a charity in 1997, the School has made continued progress in broadening access to postgraduate education in business and providing study opportunities globally. The school how has over 18,000 alumni who have earned a degree from Heriot-Watt University, and over 11,900 students are active on our programmes. The students are drawn from over 160 countries and spread across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. In 2014/15 the School ran over 20,000 examinations in more than 400 centres.

 Our  programmes offer the academic rigour and global recognition long associated with a top British university – but our unique feature is to offer our students the opportunities to study when, where, and how suits their needs. 

The School generates surpluses each year which are re-directed into our charitable objectives, including new  investments to enhance the student experience, to provide top faculty and cutting edge learning materials,  and continued expansion of our scholarship programmes.