Be FutureMade

No two people are the same: different circumstances, motivations, visions of success.
That’s why we offer learning experiences that are equally unique. 

We pioneered the world's first distance learning MBA programme in 1990 and today we are making history again. As we continue to deliver our well-established MBA, Masters, pre-doctoral, DBA and PhD programmes, our students gain access to some of the world's top lecturers and researchers: industry-experienced minds pushing boundaries in their field of expertise – encouraging curiosity, ambition and boldness to challenge convention and make a difference in the world.

For 2019 we're refreshing our MBA to be fully online with all new courses and accessable learning enviroment. Learning helps us see the world in new ways. It makes us brave in the face of challenge because we have the knowledge, skills, network and experience to step up. And when we
feel brave, we take decisive action and use our knowledge to shape a fairer, more sustainable and more joined up world. 

At Edinburgh Business School, we contribute to that vision by giving everyone the chance to study and pursue their dreams on their own terms. So you can take those intellectual risks to rise up and lead the way in the things that matter for tomorrow’s world.

Choose your postgraduate programme, join us.
Do more of what matters.

When joining our School and Heriot-Watt University, you join a network of industry professionals, top academics and people driven to succeed. We are here to prepare you to enter competitive job markets, excel professionally or even start a new business.

Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School